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Edazora, officially known as the United Provinces of Edazora (Eda. Drakona: ɩ̆ɜʅɾɔɩɔ ɂɔɒɔ̆ɾ̆ ȷʋ ʅɒɔɿɷɩɔ; Yogetaya Ladaltho ib Edazoya), is a small landlocked country which borders the Arieles Kingdom. The country is relatively small and has a population of only twelve million.

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Recent Events

The incumbent Yahagar Izos (and consequently, the Edazoran Unified Party) is reelected to his position as the President of Edazora

Total War Meter
Przecsaniye's Total War Meter shows how close to full out war the Kryfona Kingdom is. The current PTW level is:
  • Four (Normal)
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